MidAtlantic District Championships

Friday, May 10th – Heats for Men’s Youth 2nd 4+ (race ~ 6:00p, arrival ~4:00p)
Saturday, May 11th
  all Varsity, Junior Varsity and Novice crews

This is the same venue as our earlier regatta, Mercer Sprints. For novice and junior varsity crews this will be the last regatta of the season. Varsity squads will be competing for a chance to qualify for Nationals in Oak Ridge, TN, June 7-9. Top 3 finishes in the Varsity final events qualify.

A check of the weather shows rain all day with a chance of thunderstorms, mid-70s. Let’s hope the meteorologists are wrong!  Make sure you bring rain gear and bundle up in layers and bring your blankets to keep athletes and spectators warm during the chilly morning hours.

For anyone who has tents (including ones that you may use for camping), please bring them for the athletes. It will keep them out of the elements and ready to race.

Arrival Times

  • Coach and Coxswains’ Meeting – 5:45am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth Novice 4+ – 7:00am Arrival
  • Women’s Youth 2nd 4+ – 8:10am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth 2nd 4+ – 8:15am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth Lightweight 4+ – 8:20am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth Varsity 4+ – 9:00am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth 2nd 8+ – 9:30am Arrival
  • Women’s Youth Novice 8+ – 9:45am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth Novice 8+ – 10:10am Arrival
  • Men’s Youth Varsity 8+ – 10:15am Arrival
  • Women’s Youth Varsity 2- – 12:45pm Arrival
  • Men’s Youth Varsity 2- – 12:55pm Arrival
  • Women’s Youth Novice 4+ – 1:00pm Arrival
  • Women’s Youth Lightweight 4+ – 2:45pm Arrival
  • Women’s Youth 2nd 8+ – 3:00pm Arrival
  • Men’s Youth 2nd Novice 8+ – 3:20pm Arrival

Download the heat sheet>>>

Also, please make sure you check back before Saturday’s racing to ensure you have the current race schedule. Arrival times are two (2) hours before the scheduled race.


  • Womens Varsity 2-
    Anna Wertz, Julia Baumel     
    Tara Carr, Rose Carr    
  • Mens Varsity 2-
    Phil Claudy, Nathan Smith
  • Womens Youth Novice 4+
    Mckenna Polich, Emily Sanzone, Rebecca Clark, Sophia Simoes, Claudia Spink
  • Mens Youth Novice 4+
    Jennifer Beauchamp, William Watkins, William Swartz, Ryan Elliott, Robert Blecher
  • Womens Youth 2nd 4+
    Jennifer Collins, Margaret Cunningham, Kayley Slicer, Elsa Palmisano, Erica Chandler
  • Mens Youth 2nd 4+
    Jennifer Reynolds, John Kelly, Sam Watson, Tyler Quick, Graham Bright
  • Mens Youth Ltwt Varsity 4+
    Rachel DeFroda, Patrick Collins, Justin Best, Jake Weltz, Nicholas Malchione
  • Mens Youth Varsity 4+
    Maggie Simpson, George Stockburger, Phil Claudy, Michael Glaude, Nathan Smith
  • Womens Youth Ltwt Varsity 4+
    Nupur Parikh, Erin Mullen, Julia Baumel, Alyson Kerrigan, Leah Mayfield
  • Womens Youth 2nd 8+
    Olivia Robb, Nicole Scalessa, Sophia Masters, Julianna Murphy, Giana Buoni, Emily Moretti, Kaitlyn Barry, Mallory Blow, Erica Chandler
  • Mens Youth 2nd 8+
    Jennifer Reynolds, Tyler Quick, Mitchell Sgro, Patrick Smith, Paul Arizin, Michael Stack, Graham Bright, John Kelly, Joseph Ellis
  • Mens Youth 2nd Novice 8+
    Lindsay Hedgepeth, Michael Suter, Mitchell Fulton, Christopher Shearer, Matthew Stack, Robert LaBricciosa, Zachary Richardson, John Fisher, Dawson Kannenberg
  • Womens Youth Novice 8+
    Emily Earnest, Paige Murdock, Kaylee Perron, Talia Tayoun, Gwyneth Miller, Samantha Nowell, Katherine Hewton, Rocio Posada, Erin Schuessler
  • Mens Youth Novice 8+
    Gabrielle Argo, Thomas Thorley, William Swartz, Liam Webb, Ryan Elliott, Nikolaus Beer, William Watkins, Robert Blecher, Andrew Stack
  • Mens Youth Ltwt Varsity 8+
    Maggie Simpson, William Swartz, John Sagrati, Robert Byrne, Michael Glaude, Patrick Collins, Justin Best, Jake Weltz, Nicholas Malchione
  • Mens Youth Varsity 8+
    Mark Montesano, Robert Byrne, Sebastian Tenlen, Philip DeLaveaga, Jordan Davis, Theodore Connell, Ryan Mettenheimer, Garren Best, John Sagrati

Menu and Food Tent Duty  

We are using a spreadsheet again for food sign-up and tent duty. Please sign-up and indicate the food you’d like to bring and how you’d like to help out during the day (Tent Duty). Also, please bring a 6- or 8-pack of water or sports drink, as well. We also encourage you to add your own food suggestions.

This will be a long day so we’ve divided volunteer opportunities into 4 hour shifts. Thanks in advance for signing up to help. Many hands make light work!

Venue Directions and Parking:

GPS: Richard Coffee Mercer Co. Park Marina Venue
(334 S. Post Road, West Windsor, NJ)

Google Maps link

Please note: do not follow directions to the Caspersen Rowing Center. That is on the opposite side of Mercer Lake and will add 15 minutes to your trip!

Directions to Richard Coffee Mercer Co. Park Marina:

Coming from Wilmington/Newport DE: Take DE-141 S. Continue onto  US-202 S. Take exit 2 for I-295 N toward Del Memorial Bridge/New Jersey. Slight right at I-295 N Entering New Jersey.  Take exit 1B to merge onto I-295 N toward Trenton. Take exit 65A for Sloan Ave E. Merge onto Sloan Ave. Continue onto Flock Rd.  Turn left at Paxson Ave. Destination will be on the right ~1 1/2 hr.

Coming from Kennett Square/Chadds Ford PA: Follow US-1 N. Take  I-476 N exit toward Plymouth Mtg. Continue toward I-476 N. Keep  left at the fork to continue toward I-476 N. Keep right at the fork to  continue toward I-476 N. Keep right at the fork and merge onto  I-476 N. Take the exit onto I-276 E toward New Jersey. Take exit  351 to merge onto US-1 N. Proceed 19 miles. Turn right at Bakers Basin Rd. Continue onto Youngs Rd. Turn right at Hughes Dr. Turn left at Paxson Ave. Destination will be on the right.~1 1/2 hr.

There is a fee for parking of $10. You can drop your athlete at the boat trailers then go on to park.

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